Pride of Alar by Nolan Arthur Webber

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  • Paperback 😕494 pages
  • ISBN-10 😕1977219837
  • ISBN-13 😕978-1977219831
  • Product Dimensions 😕5.98 x 1.1 x 9.02 inches
  • Publisher 😕Outskirts Press (May 9, 2020)
  • Language: 😕English


Distraught by the death of his brother and exhausted by the torment of bullies, twelve-year-old Devin is weary of life until he finds an enormous emerald. The gryphon egg is a gift from Lady Gladislynn. A dryad that searches for the Forgotten, descendants from Midgard. A parallel world concealed by an ancient Veil of magic and governed by the Norse gods.

After attacked by creatures beyond the Veil, the gryphon Alar takes Devin to Midgard, a world ravaged by a vicious horde of chimera that answers to a demonic goddess known as the Mother of All. Devin eagerly joins Alar’s Pride and the Empire of Alfar in their war for survival. Facing a losing battle, the alfar grudgingly accept the terms of a sinister dock-alfar Magnus, who offers to lead Devin to the Mother’s lair. Although her death will end the war, the aid comes at a terrible cost to the Alfarian King whose relationship with Magnus threatens the throne.

After a grueling battle that leaves Devin on the brink of death, he must decide to remain at Half Peak with Alar’s Pride or return home beyond the Veil.