Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership by Arlene Battishill & Michael Levitt

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Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership by Arlene Battishill & Michael Levitt

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If you knew that it was possible to avert a disaster, would you take the steps to do it? If you knew that failure could be avoided, would you take action to ensure against it? Inside every organization sits a Trojan Horse, filled with employees waiting to unload their emotional baggage and managers who behave in ways that trigger those employees into engaging in ?scorched earth? warfare. And yet few, if any organizations, build into their risk management plans how to neutralize employee behavior that can level an organization with just a simple message on social media. You think it can?t happen to you, think again! Countless leaders are being brought down each day and all of it could have been avoided by simply creating and deploying a pre-emptive strike plan designed to minimize the behavioral threats that are infiltrating your organization. Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership is a must-have for every employer! No matter how big or small, for-profit or non-, a tactical pre-emptive strike plan is essential to eliminating the risk laying in wait inside your organization.