Patron Saint of Misfits by T Avila

  • Paperback:?312 pages
  • Publisher:?Xulon Press (October 26, 2018)
  • Language:?English



The truth WILL set you free.
But first, it makes you crazy.

This is not another sweet little inspirational book about faith and blessings–people who get what they pray for and everyone is happy.


It is about the unspeakable traumas some of us suffer in this fallen world.?WHY?did that happen? what do?I do now??For wounded heart people everywhere. The brokenhearted, orphaned, abused, wounded, desperate, crippled, depressed, homeless, lonely, forgotten, grieving…no matter what we eat, drink, steal, buy, smoke, kiss, see or hear.?How to turn your wounds into wings. Because the body remembers, even when our mind hides it all away.

And for those who love us anyway. Friends, partners, pastors, priests, neighbors, and counselors.

There will be stars in your crown.

This book is?”nondenominational.”?Seven syllables–the “number of perfection.” Not one church preachin’ to the other churches. Just the basic ingredients to have a relationship with the Lord. For believers, atheists, doubters, pew-warmers, and those who stalked off from Him a long time ago. Some things you can’t talk about in church. But God is still there, and He loves you.

Maybe your story is so dark, you cannot tell anyone, even God? You have a shell that keeps you numb, sometimes irrational. Maybe hating God for it. Maybe afraid He hates you. Alone in our pain, we wonder…?Life is so unfair, how can there be a loving God??Why would God love me? Nobody else ever did…

Jesus was tortured and rejected too. He didn’t deserve it either.
Come. It is the reason you were born. Tell Him your story. Listen to His:

You are safe. You are loved. You are not alone.

Psychology might give us a label. But only God will give us a new name.