Overcoming Spiritual Myopia by Margaret Johnston

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? With two trillion galaxies in an expanding universe, how?could it be that only the Christians are ?saved??

? Traditional religious symbols are losing power in a changing world?(Most people don?t even know they are supposed to be symbols)

? Our rational minds keep wanting to question but conventional religious?leaders tell us to just ?trust? them (or trust scripture, or tradition)

? Despite declining church attendance, interest in the spiritual search?is at an all-time high. New ways of making meaning are arising.

? A study of all religions reveals a common core ? a longing shared?by all humans. Could this be the basis of the spiritual search?

? In the 21st century, we need a BIGGER STORY of what religion and spirituality are all about.

Our traditional scriptures were written in a time when people had no idea of the vastness of?the universe. The spiritual messages they were able to receive suffered from lack of awareness?about science and about wisdom from other cultures: their worldview was insular.

Today educated people have little excuse for maintaining this kind of insularity. Advances?in science and global communications call us to develop a more comprehensive (less?myopic) perspective about the UNIVERSAL human search for meaning and connection?that formed the basis for ALL our religions. In Overcoming Spiritual Myopia, practicing?optometrist and award-winning author, Margaret Placentra Johnston* challenges you on?a journey toward a BIGGER STORY about religion and spirituality.