Operation Second Chance by Lynda Rees

  • Paperback:?288 pages
  • Publisher:?Indy Pub (June 28, 2020)
  • Language:?English


Operation Second Chance

by Lynda Rees

Zoe Waters doesn’t care she has never fit in. The jean and scuffed cowboy booted gal ignored uppity, designer-clad students at her upscale school. She was happy hanging with brainy best friend, Gabe Connors, unaware boys admire but are intimidated by her, and girls are threatened by her.

She pushes Gabe away after graduation for his own good. He’s destined for great things. She’s doomed to become a security guard.

Reunited after years without contact, widowed Zoe is shocked at Gabe’s transformation. The muscular Special Forces officer has grown into a fabulous bundle of male hormones that make her mouth water with longing. She’s suspected of murdering her philandering dead husband, but the killer is stalking her and willing to kill again.

Lynda Rees, Award-Winning Author



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