Not Your Average Cup of Joe by Joseph Braithwaite

  • Hardcover:?112 pages
  • Publisher:?Joseph Braithwaite (Jan. 4 2018)
  • Language:?English

Not Your Average Cup of Joe by Joseph Braithwaite

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Worried you’re an average Joe? You’re not. Every single person has a unique and admirable quality or many! Parlaying these qualities – whether you excel in finance, construction, strategy development or simply at making great coffee – can, and when you leverage them, will lead you to succeed beyond your highest hopes.

In Not Your Average Cup of Joe, Joseph Braithwaite inspires with his own life story of rising from hardship, overcoming adversity and becoming a successful leader, how he decided to take charge of his life during the time it took to drink just one cup of coffee, and how YOU can do the same. This book includes real-life examples of successful, determined people from within a range of industries that will inspire confidence in YOU and boost your can-do spirit. Joseph explores, in an

engagingly conversational tone, the value of personal presence, differentiation, and how offering, and believing in, a unique YOU is the key to achieving your goals.

This practical and motivational book highlights four key areas to set you on the road to success:

– The importance of grit and how to leverage it

– The power of mentorship, and how to find the right one for you

– The understanding of the real you, and why you are so important

– The need to believe in you, regardless of what others believe

After reading Not Your Average Cup of Joe, you will be on your first ‘cup’ to success, and you will never consider yourself an ‘average joe’ again.