No Journey's End by Peter Chiaramonte

  • Paperback:?378 pages
  • Publisher:?Chiaramonte (January 22, 2015)
  • Language:?English


?Chiaramonte gives a human face to a woman portrayed as a monster in the media and explains the reality behind the Manson myth superbly. This riveting book delivers in every way.? ?Donald Levin, Ph.D., author of Guilt in Hiding ?The reader vicariously races through the hell of the Manson experience in the author?s ?shotgun seat,? often watching through spread fingers of hands over eyes.? ?Mark Federman, Ph.D. ?Chiaramonte is a talented writer, and you may just come out of reading this book with a profound sense of angst that is well worth the ride.? ?Albert J. Mills, Ph.D. No Journey?s End traces Dr. Peter Chiaramonte?s passionate love affair with ex-Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten. Against the turbulent background of Van Houten?s high-profile retrials for first-degree murder in 1977-78, the couple struggle to make sense of their relationship amid all the light and dark elements that brought them together. This is no ordinary love story. By turns lyrical and philosophical, the book charts Chiaramonte?s journey through a landscape of love, sex, media-generated frenzy, drugs, violence, and ultimately redemption.