Munich Spring


This historic adventure novel is about a group of everyday free thinkers in Germany during the tumultuous time that was the late 1980s European upheaval. It’s told by Heath Winslow – a cynical, self-deprecating freelance journalist – who seeks to boost awareness of societal swings while buttressing himself against the push by many to remain steadfast. Set in Bavaria, the novel recounts the dynamic interactions between characters as they attempt to deal with the political, social, and economic shifts sweeping Europe. The adventure culminates in the fall of the Berlin Wall and far-reaching changes impacting the continent. The goal of Winslow’s effort is to help people realize how things are changing. Some of the book’s characters support his aim while others are firmly against it. Of course, before a shift can be achieved, several conditions must be met by everyone. Those needs strongly involve the past – in one way or another. As a result, the characters’ concerns with change are spent concentrating on the past as a means of moving forward or preventing it – depending on their points of view.