Meet Scarlet Black by Helen North

  • Publication Date 😕July 4, 2020
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  • Print Length 😕300 pages
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  • Language: 😕English


Have you ever dreamt of being invisible? It?s not all it?s cracked up to be. Meet SCARLET BLACK. The ultimate invisible girl. Growing up in the shadow of her older, exceedingly extrovert sister, she has always felt insignificant and invisible. Struggling with her insecurity and extreme shyness, she blushes every time someone looks at her and she absolutely hates her name. A name she feels is the main reason her skin so rapidly and repeatedly changes color. Who names their child after two colors, anyway? She has extensive, somewhat neurotic conversations in her head ? a custom she developed growing up as an outsider. She is super smart, loves school, avoids crowds, and has a passion for books, tea, cake, chocolate and SYTYCD. Her friend, SAM, is her exact opposite. Not only in looks but also in character, and she is the natural centerpiece of any crowd. The two girls formed an instant bond in daycare and have been best friends ever since. Sam is the most important person in Scarlet?s life. That is; until DAMIEN saunters into her life. In his old fashioned, charming way he draws Scarlet out of her shell and pretty much changes her life! In more ways than one. Little by little she becomes slightly more confident and eventually a whole new Scarlet evolves. A Scarlet who can sustain a normal conversation without blushing every five minutes. Who makes witty remarks, who takes her dance moves public ? and who finally becomes a woman.