Mark Noble Space Adventures: Anthology 1 by Tony Harmsworth

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  • Publisher:? (June 2, 2020)
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Mark Noble Space Adventures: Anthology 1 by Tony Harmsworth

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This is the first anthology of the Mark Noble Space Adventures?and includes the full versions of the first three books ??Moonscape,?Moonstruck?and?Trappist1.?By buying the anthology, you save 33%.

Mark Noble?s Space Adventures are, with a little author?s licence, hard science fiction set in the near future. Expect most of the science to be realistic and believable.

The first book,?Moonscape, is set on the moon when what appears to be an intelligent parasitic entity infects the occupants of the first Moonbase. Mark and his partner, Linda, discover that the remainder of the Moonbase crew have been taken over. It begins a frantic life-threatening attempt to escape back to Earth, but hopefully not taking any of the parasites with them.

The second book,?Moonstruck, sees Mark returning to the moon with a multi-national team to recapture the moon from the original possessed crew. It doesn?t turn out at all how they expected.

The third book,?Trappist-1, sees Mark and his team head for the dwarf red star, Trappist-1, using a newly invented drive which folds space. What they find is more scary than anything they had previously discovered. Can they ever return home?

Enjoy?Mark Noble Space Adventures Anthology 1?today.