Lying with the Devil: Redemption by Lana Lindemann

  • Paperback:?146 pages
  • Publisher:?Newman Springs Publishing, Inc. (September 5, 2019)
  • Language:?English


Ten years have passed and Detective Steven Bullard still finds himself obsessed with Mary Krowely, a case that had slipped through his fingers and ended tragically. His obsession led him down a destructive path of mental torture; drug abuse; and finally, distrust from his fellow officers.

But now something has caught his eye: a pattern in another case. Girls are being kidnapped in the same manner that Mary was: tortured and abused but left dumped–left to rot around the city he swore to protect. But one thing stands out among them all: their wrists are bruised from chains. Is there another Michael in the works? Has a copycat killer risen?

With another girl, Ariel Koole, being kidnapped, Steven and his partner Chance race desperately against the clock to save her from the hands of this new killer. But as before, they run into dead ends with what little clues he leaves behind. Captive to a cold-blooded, disingenuous man with no regard for human life, Ariel is left to fight until help arrives, battling the same conditions as Mary Krowely.

Can Steven and Chance save her? Is she doomed to follow in the same footsteps as Mary? Or will she wind up dead, just like the other girls? A palpable sense of dread begins to set in as time ticks on. The world is a dark and twisted place, and Steven finds himself lost in it. Will he ever find redemption for what he deems his own personal failure? One can only hope as he and Chance follow the clues through the city and into the horror that is this new killer’s personal hell on earth.