Lost In Seattle by Bruce Louis Dodson

  • Publication Date 😕May 6, 2012
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  • Print Length 😕345 pages
  • Publisher 😕Shiva Delivers (May 6, 2012)
  • Language: 😕English


At fifty-three William Brenner has played by the rules all this life: honest, dependable and married. He’s held a steady job for fifteen years; a good father making payments on a house and saving money in an IRA. After being downsized he finds himself transformed from a successful law abiding middle class American to a midlife victim of the recession. Willie experiences a rapid accumulation of loss including wife, home, vocation, daughter, a mother with Alzheimer?s and even his dog?everything but his sense of humor.
Three years of unemployment lead him into overwhelming plastic debt and a low rent neighborhood where he becomes one of many lovers to a talented braless barista who loves sex. He finds himself in a floating world of, low-pay temporary jobs, unknown ethnicities and ways of life: Vietnamese, Hispanics, artists, early twenties college graduates who can?t find jobs, a Buddhist nun, one bank robber and two lawyers. A fox-hole intimacy creates new friends and insight to another world.
This is a story of survival, love, lust, loss and luck interspaced with a narrated account of his mother who escapes from a California care facility into the arms of a drug dealing motorcycle gang.