Laurel Hill: Long Days of Summer by Erin Mackey

  • Paperback:?136 pages
  • Publisher:?Independently published (August 23, 2019)
  • Language:?English


When you mix a hot summer with fun friends, you get an awesome camp experience you’ll never forget. Summer camp is the highlight of the season for the Laurel Hill crew and they’re making sure that newcomer Maggie doesn’t get left out. After doing everything they can to raise enough money so that Maggie can tag along, everyone is looking forward to the best summer of their lives. Camp WiKiToJe may just be the the hallmark of their childhood years. In the span of a week, the group enjoys everything the camp has to offer; thrilling zip lines, beautiful lakesides, and numerous crazy games. Each event helps the girls bond and develop vital values such as courage, trust, and strength. However, when there’s an alarm for a missing camper, the entire camp holds its breath and panic fills the atmosphere. Laurel Hill: Long Days of Summer is a lovely children’s book that illustrates the profits of hard work, the joy of trying something new and the formidable bond of friendship.