Kundalini Musings by JJ Semple

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This book consists of essays written over the past seven years. Each essay has been edited and updated to reflect the latest findings across a broad spectrum of kundalini research ? a wide assortment of kundalini-related topics and writings under one cover, all my 40 plus years of kundalini experience contained in this one book, that is?until my kundalini guides me to new experiences ? which it will inevitably do ? and I shall be compelled to write new essays, new books. The point is, kundalini doesn?t stop; we?re only beginning to understand it.

Nevertheless, this book is a start: Topics such as kundalini and near death experience. neuroplasticity, energy cultivation, higher consciousness, mindfulness, meditation, enlightenment are discussed. Essays like Is Kundalini Safe?, Sexual Sublimation, Kundalini and God, Does Kundalini Make You a Happier Person?, Selecting a Kundalini Activation Method, and many more.

Even though the subject matter ranges far and wide, there?s a single unifying factor ? kundalini. It?s my hope that the efforts I?ve put into experiencing these aspects of kundalini over the last half century ? the knowledge and experience I?ve gained ? will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and challenges of arousing and living with this evolutionary energy.