July and the Single Heart by Vi Zetterwall

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  • Publication date 😕June 30, 2014
  • Publisher 😕CC Productions; 2nd edition (June 30, 2014)
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29 year old, July Harris, has the entire fortunes of her conniving family riding on her. In order to fulfill her grandfather?s will, she must select a husband from among five strangers in less than two months?speed dating with a real purpose. With the clock ticking, she makes a decision at the last moment that rocks her family?s world. And nothing turns out as she expected.

This is the seventh novel in Vi Zetterwall’s feel-good Single Heart Series. July Harris is an adopted Asian American woman who has been quiet and compliant most of her life. Now, as she faces a trial no one could want, another side of her emerges and she knows she must take charge and mold the future herself.

Vi Zetterwall?s Single Heart series explores the very nature of a woman and a man?s relationship. Each book is a stand-alone story?a short novel that pays homage to the verbal foreplay that goes on early in a relationship. Vi?s novels feature unique characters facing everyday problems?and sometimes, not-so-everyday. Although the characters and plotlines are all different, there is a connecting thread: In each book, the leading lady comes into possession of the Coin of Luck in Life and Love. In ways, sometimes small, sometimes great, the coin affects her actions and all subsequent events.

In your life, you have probably experienced an event that seemed inconsequential at the time but had far-reaching results. Vi?s books explore the magic that occurs when serendipity strikes and some chance meeting, a misunderstanding, an unexpected job offer or a missed phone call leads to two people finding each other and falling in love. Vi writes about relationships and the drama that comes from every conversation. The steam that rises from her books is not due to an abundance of love scenes. You won?t see many phrases discussing the male anatomy or torrid moments in the bedroom. But you will feel your blood pressure rise during the dialogue-heavy scenes between potential lovers. Your heart will ache when the leading lady?s does and you will gain the same insights about life and love as she has.

Follow the travels of one coin and the lives it touches. As each book concludes, the protagonist passes on the Coin of Luck to another random woman?sort of a sneak preview to the next tale in the series. And everything seems to change after that. Is the coin magic or is it merely a catalyst that pushes love in the right direction? Every reader will have to decide for themselves. Vi Zetterwall weaves feel-good stories of love, suspense, mystery, and always a twist or two at the end. She loves a happy ending and never fails to deliver.