Josie's Refuge by Alyssa Bailey

  • Publication Date 😕September 15, 2020
  • Print Length 😕180 pages
  • Publisher 😕Desires West Publishing (September 15, 2020)
  • Language: 😕English


It started with a trick and could end with a death if they don?t eliminate the threat.

Unemployed again, Josie?s friend tricks her into accepting a job with the last man she would ever work for, the one she can?t forget. With no other choice, Josie decides it?s time to deal with her biggest barrier to a happy life, namely her refusal to accept assistance in any way unless absolutely necessary, but she doesn?t know how. In steps the man who lives in her nightmares and her dreams.

Walker is just as upset as Josie for being duped into offering a job on the sly, but for different reasons. He loves her and wants the best, but if she doesn?t learn to accept help, they are doomed in their working relationship and their private one. He wants her on his terms because her terms have alienated them.

Walker comes up with an alpha solution that Josie is desperate enough to accept. When it concerns her health or safety, Josie must ask for and accept help or prepare for the consequences, Walker style. They have begun to settle into a routine when the real trouble begins from an unknown source. The Knights must join forces to eliminate the threat to keep their families safe and maintain their way of life, but how do you fight an unknown evil from within?

DISCLOSURE: This book is all about Second Chances, Suspense, and Steamy Love