Joshua?s Awakening by Nick Shaw

  • Paperback:?202 pages
  • Publisher:?Independently published (March 25, 2017)
  • Language:?English


The young African Joshua, eighteen, has just come to England from the Gambia and is short of money. To compound his problem, he has been told that the sponsorship for his one-year training course has been withdrawn. Furthermore, he must find new living quarters since he must leave the hostel where he is staying within a fortnight?s time. He decides to take a train from Newcastle to Durham to meet a Gambian acquaintance to get help and a loan. At the station, Joshua finds that he does not have enough money for a railway ticket to Durham. In desperation, he turns to the lady behind him in the queue for a loan. Little does he realize that he has set in motion a chain of events that will create a bond between the two. The lonely English widow Gillian, fifty, lends Joshua a pound to buy his ticket. When the two take the train together to Durham, Joshua?s exotic allure ignites a new heat in Gillian. Still grieving for her dead husband, she has had no interest in men up to now. After Joshua sees her to her home, she continually fantasizes about the young man. The Awakening Although Joshua is also attracted to Gillian, his quest for work and accommodation leads to contacts with several other Englishwomen. Each encounter adds to his sexual awakening but also an increased longing to be together with Gillian. After a street fight, Joshua makes it to Gillian?s home. She nurses his bruises and they end up making love. Joshua realizes that Gillian is the only one with true feelings for him. Will this couple make it in a world where eyebrows are raised at the sight of a white woman with a black man more than thirty years younger than her?