Indigo by CG Blade , DC Belga

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  • Publication Date:?September 1, 2018
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What do time travel, invisibility, ruthless assassins, mind-control, insanity, witches, artificial intelligence, drones, a plague, and a blue dog have in common? Indigo?this seventh juggernaut in the Pseudoverse Series is one-third science fiction, one-third horror, one-third fantasy, and one-hundred percent astounding historical fiction. During the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and some suggest even today, several million people have been unwillingly snatched up off the streets, drugged, and tortured at the hands of the American CIA, the Canadian government, and the Russian KGB to produce an actual ?Manchurian Candidate.?

Inside Indigo, we introduce you to Harmony Gemma Wells, Granddaughter of the infamous science fiction writer H.G. Wells, kidnapped for programs initially devised by DARPA and the CIA called Bluebird, Artichoke, MKUltra, MKDelta, and MKNaomi. These mind-control experiments go horribly wrong very quickly for the victims of these heinous experiments deep inside their satellite lab in Moscow. Will Harmony escape and finally find peace of mind and possible retribution as ruthless assassins are sent to track her down using her own ‘invention,’ MOTT? The Russians unleash a monster upon themselves as Harmony?s genius, Steampunk attitude, DMT, invisibility, her dog Chronos, and her own broken psyche in the aftermath of these experiments all help guide her towards her ultimate goals, vengeance, and possibly sanity.

?Indigo is a continuation of the Pseudoverse series. The time travel main character, Harmony, and her dog, Chronos, experience have sad moments, funny moments, and moments that make you stop and really think. When she showed up, in a previous novel, to save the day, I wondered what her story would be. If you liked the ideas behind “V is for Vendetta,” then you will find this novel to your liking. Much like “V,? Harmony starts…or perhaps ends…her time travel journey as a test subject captured off the streets and tortured. Her Vendetta against those who want to suppress others, and against those who abused her, and now pursue her through time, keeps Harmony moving through time, making friends along the way. The idea that we often are so intent on getting even for wrongs done to us that we can miss whole chapters in our life is very clear in this novel. Sometimes a person can become so driven by an idea or goal, that they miss out on life. Harmony often reflects on the decades she missed, and the people who come and go, literally, in a week’s time for her, but a lifetime for that person. It is something on which time travel movies hardly focus: the sadness of everyone being left behind, much like an immortal, like vampires, and the writers who bring them to life often show. Not only is Indigo a development of Harmony and Chronos, but it also contains a mystery, one where comatose patients awaken and jump out windows leaving Dr. Katherine DeNyse all flustered. She is nearly killed by a pizza delivery drone and is told by a co-worker (who she dislikes) that there are glowing butterflies in the hospital. Can the mystery be solved before she has eaten her thermal slice of pizza with her dog Lola? Overall, Indigo is quick read, enjoyable, gives you some laughs, and some intense moments…especially concerning the dogs!!! This novel really gets you thinking about time travel. This novel is more than worth the read.? Kate D.

Take a wild ride with us as we introduce a brand new cast of colorful characters, Harmony?s dog Chronos always at her side who likes to ?take a bite? out of evil, and a government agency who might or might not be who they claim to be. This is the incredible, raw, gritty, and enthralling mind-ripper, Indigo.

This book is an homage to H.G. Wells, Nikola Tesla, and three great actresses who have made science fiction and horror what it is today.