I Am King by Damien Shillingford

  • Publication date 😕July 4, 2020
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A thrilling quixotic adventure for anyone who enjoys an epic fantasy escape like ?A Song of Ice and Fire?, “The Rage of Dragons” or “The Lord of the Rings?.

?Destiny is everything. You can hide, but you can never outrun it.?

This is Book One of “The King Series” set in the world of Dayconis, a tale inspired by classic fantasy with a twist of West Indian folklore and mythology.

Ten-year-old Prince Beaumont has lived a peaceful and secluded life, hidden from his enemies in Mount Hope, waiting for the day he can safely return to the Middle Islands and reclaim his father’s crown. With his faithful and loving cousin Julius by his side, he tried to learn everything he needs to know to be a great king.

As civil war wages in the Middle Islands, a high-ranking member of the rebels is captured and through torture reveals that the prince is alive and in hiding. Nisila, a warrior and member of the rebel faction supporting Beaumont’s claim to the throne, travels to the realm of Hattan with her ever-ready raven companion Shadow-cry, to rescue her prince. Enlisting the help of the New Brotherhood guild, she is granted an escort and protector, Gavin, a cynical war veteran, to aide her in her quest.

Meanwhile, the usurper’s assassin, Royce, has also arrived in Hattan, hot on Nisila’s trail. Once a member of the rebel faction, Royce was forced to change his allegiance when his family was captured by the new King Rancine. With his family held under threat of execution, Royce has no choice but to capture the prince at all cost ? or risk losing everyone he loves.

As danger looms near, Beau quickly realizes that everyone in Dacoynis has an agenda of self-preservation.

As young Prince Beaumont struggles to find his confidence and come to terms with his new life, he must also navigate the conflicting agendas of everyone around him, a tall order for a ten-year-old boy. Will Beau fall victim to these challenges or will he rise above them and one day become the King he was ordained to be?

Join Prince Beaumont and his beloved cousin Julius as they brave a foreign world, trying to get back to their homeland in the Middle Islands, and its capital, Aiti.

If you enjoy epic adventure, mythical creatures, majestic lands, heroic warriors, and the ultimate battle of good versus evil, then this book is for you. Enough said, let the journey begin!