Hunters of the Columbian mammoth by adrian del valle

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Twelve thousand years ago along the Pacific Coast, generations of hunting to feed an expanding population were depleting the Indian?s resources. Forests that were once rich in deer and elk, took longer to make the kills needed to feed the tribes. Blocked from migrating eastward were mountain ranges, a forbidden place inhabited by packs of dire wolves as large as Caucasian Mountain dogs. Filled with the lore of rumored evil, the tribes halted at the natural barrier unable to go any further.
Fiercely aggressive, they are now at war among themselves, a danger that could easily be left behind. However, facing the unknown presented its own dangers. The forbidden land before them stopped the advancing tribes at the very edge of the forests. For, there before them were evil spirits and fear—fear that came in the form of whispered tales told at the night fires. They spoke of saber tooth tigers and dire wolves that hunted in numbers so large, they could not be counted.
Here, among all those tribes, both large and small, one man dared to make that journey, Man That Runs Too Fast, tribal chief of the Bandu.