Honey Ko by William C. Pennington

  • Paperback:?241 pages
  • Publisher:?Independently published (March 30, 2020)
  • Language:?English


Tom Nelson, an American Sailor deployed to Cubi Point in the Philippines, is grieving over the death of his Spanish fianc?e, Susanna, with whom he shared a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale love. When Tom meets Aida, a Filipino woman who finds in him her one true love, he struggles to commit and give his heart completely to her. Doing so, Tom feels, is a betrayal of his beloved Susanna’s memory. When Tom is sent to Thailand to support naval operations, he meets Sasi, the manager of his hotel, who resembles Susanna in every way: appearance, manner, and personality. Tom is soon captivated by Sasi’s spell and finds himself questioning his feelings for Aida while grappling with the very notion of love itself, in all its stages and manifestations. Tom’s passionate soul-searching journey to fill the emptiness in his heart, heal his pain, and quench his desire for a wished-for-love will leave readers sharing his emotions and confronting their own beliefs about love.In a parallel and suspenseful storyline that begins in Vietnam and eventually overlaps that of Tom and Aida, American Sailors and best friends, Sam and Frank, journey through similar struggles of the heart, as well as the emotional and psychological tolls of war and loss. Honey Ko is more than a love story: it is a story about human nature and the nature of love itself. It is more than a military tale: it is a story of brotherhood and friendship under wartime conditions. As these universal themes intertwine, the reader will find her views on love challenged, and herself as significantly changed as the characters.