Healthy Relationships by Diana Loiewski

  • Paperback:?120 pages
  • Publisher:?CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1535253754 edition (July 19, 2016)
  • Language:?English


This workbook was developed for all teens and young adults. Many people experience unhealthy relationships at some point in their life. Usually these relationships stem from people ignoring inappropriate and/or abusive behaviors. People fall into the routine of accepting harmful behaviors because they genuinely want to accommodate others, they think that the problem may be with them, and/or they think that they can change the behaviors. Sometimes the home environment in which people grow up involves physical and verbal violence consequently; this becomes their expectation for relationships. One of the consequences of unhealthy relationships includes risks to personal safety that can escalate to domestic violence. Through this workbooks activities and scenarios, you will learn the signs of unhealthy relationships, and how to create and maintain safe and Healthy Relationships. The workbook is divided into three sections: I. Self-Awareness: Understanding the Relationship with Yourself, Communication Matters, Safety First, Pink Flags and Red Flags, Meeting a Person for the First Time, Knowing What You Want in Friendships, Levels of Conversation: General, Personal, and Intimate, II. Keys for Successful Relationships: Relationships Take Time, Code of Conduct, Stages of Healthy Relationships, Shared Trust, Shared Respect, Effective Communication, Shared Goals, The Five Principles of Healthy Decision Making, III. Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships: The Five Deal Breakers, Domestic Violence, Gathering Information for Your Safety, Please recommend this workbook to your friends and family members!