Happiest Marriage in the History of the World by Patrice Locke

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Happiest Marriage in the History of the World by Patrice Locke

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Tracy Price needs a sampler that says, ?When you?ve got it all, don?t screw it up by worrying you?re going to screw it up.?

Not that she doesn?t appreciate the abundance in her life.

She has a rock star husband, two slightly spoiled kids, a successful career, friends who are mostly sane, a sprinkling of the ridiculous, and a pinch of the absurd.

It?s her never-fail recipe for the potluck of life.

But Tracy also has a fertile imagination that torments her with visions of impending disaster, everything from divorce, dysentery, and disinterest, to dodge-ball injuries, dolphin uprisings, and the return of disco.

When a real disaster strikes her friend Randi, Tracy pledges to do anything she can to help, even if that means agreeing to find Randi a man and plan a dream wedding.

Tracy?s husband, Jesse, suggests the whole thing is crazy, but she insists she?s up to the tasks, even over-qualified. Except that she?s not. But she?s never been one to let reality interfere with her good intentions.

As Randi?s big day approaches, Tracy?s anxiety mounts along with her fear that instead of planning a wedding, she?s been cooking up a disaster for her friend. And for herself.