Grind: Grind by Edward Vukovic

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Ziva?s love of coffee is double-edged. Throughout her life, she gives her talent freely to those desperate for a glimpse into destiny?s promise. Predicting the future with chilling accuracy, she understands the cost and has sworn never to divine her own truth. Having fled the economic aftershocks of the Balkan war, she struggles to adjust to her new life and clings to the remnants of her past, until she meets Isaac. Against her better judgment, Ziva ?reads? for herself and what she sees will change her life irrevocably.

Told from the perspective of multiple characters, Grind follows the plight of Ziva, an ordinary immigrant with an extraordinary gift, and highlights the impact we have on each other through the interconnectedness of chance encounters.

“A complex and beautiful novel. Five stars!” – Fiona Cooke Hogan – Author of The Lights Went Out and Other Stories

“Grind by Edward Vukovic is a fiction novel exploring how life plays out in mysterious ways, through coincidences which bring together hitherto strangers, to form the big picture.”

“I was mesmerized by the poetic flow and rich descriptions in the book, so much so, that I almost lost track of the story. However, midway through, I was very much engrossed into the characters and found the book hard to put down.” J Schlenker – Author of The Color of Cold and Ice

“Told in multiple points of view, each person has truly been caught in Ziva’s web, no matter how subtly, each voice is unique to the character and the atmosphere created by Mr. Vukovic is rich and full-bodied. His scenes are vivid and bring added life to each page as he carefully details each with his words. Fascinating reading, which gently glides through each page, perfect for escaping into another world and other lives! Settle in, grab your favorite grind and become a part of this well-thought-out world!” – Tome Tender Book Blog

“This story is written in the first-person perspective with multiple POVs. The first-person perspective is very common these days, but not all authors can pull it off. Vukovic, on the other hand, has used this perspective to the max to create a deep POV for each of the characters. I enjoyed becoming each character as the story unfolded. I became emotionally connected to each one of them and am not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or two. Hats off to the author for that.” – Kurt Chambers – Author of the Truth Teller series

“The descriptive voice of the author is well-developed, and the unfolding of events toward the dramatic conclusion is expertly executed. I can honestly say I’ve not read anything quite like it. It truly makes you sit back and reflect on how the things you do can affect people you may never even have met.” – K.J. Simmill – Author of The Forgotten Legacies Series

“Baba Zlata once told me that the images in the coffee are reflections of those that drink from the cup, echoes of their thoughts and feelings left by their lips” so, grab a hot cuppa, and with novella in hand, enjoy the rich sensations and gut-level emotions that coffee and this book promise and invariably deliver. This is definitely an author to follow.” – Daniel S Janik – Author of A Whale’s Tale