Gregor's Run by Saxon Andrew

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A young human male orphaned by the death of his adopted father struggles to survive in a universe that offers little more than despair. He?s forced to scrub booster tubes on commercial starships to make enough coins to feed his alcohol addiction in his dirty day-to-day existence. The future looks dark and is getting darker. To make matters worse, he discovers that two very powerful forces are attempting to capture him and he has no clue why. One of them is the Venzel Dragons, who are recognized as the most deadly warriors in the known universe. The other is a secretive organization simply known as the Movement.

Gregor just can?t figure out why they?re after him and remaining free is quickly disappearing as an option. He has no choice but to run and try to determine why he is being pursued across the known universe. He has no memory of his childhood or where he was born and before he can make sense of everything, he would need to go back to Earth and find out who he really is. What he finds changes his world completely and learning that his adopted father was assassinated makes him resolve to make the killers pay for their actions. But what could a filthy, alcoholic bum do against the two most powerful forces in the known universe? The answer lies on the forest world of Bellingham and according to the Cartian Database, no one has gone to that planet in more than six hundred years and lived.

Gregor?s Run will keep you guessing at all the twists and turns as Gregor struggles to find himself in a universe gone insane.
Excerpt: Gregor?s Run
Gregor looked around the gathering, ?Some of ye give it a go.?
A warrior standing next to Gregor shook his head, ?I think it?s clear that swords will not go through that thing.?
Gregor said loudly, ?All of ye agree that swords are useless against this force field.? The warriors all looked at each other and nodded. ?Now if that piece of wood inside the force field was holding a blaster and ye were close enough to strike the force field, ye would die. All of ye see that.? Again the warriors looked at each other and were forced to agree with Gregor. Gregor turned and said, ?Now, I want the archers to move back ten yards and fire at that piece of wood like it?s an enemy coming to harm ye families. I want ye to move back in case the arrows you shoot bounce off towards ye.?
Several male warriors and ten females moved back ten yards and formed a line. Ellie was one of the archers and she lifted her bow and pulled an arrow out of her quiver. The arrow flew toward the target at a speed that was difficult to see but, when it bounced off the force field, everyone saw it penetrate the canoe twenty yards further up the beach. Everyone immediately moved back another ten yards.
The archers didn?t give up as easily as the swordsmen. They fired arrow after arrow at the target and arrows were ricocheting in all directions. Finally, all of them stopped firing except for Ellie. Gregor saw the anger on her face and she started screaming as each arrow failed to penetrate the force field. Gregor sighed and saw her frustration getting the better of her. She jumped and slammed her elbows down to her sides as she stamped both feet into the sand. She screamed at the top of her voice and ran toward the force field. Gregor yelled, ?NO, ELLIE! STOP!!?
Ellie arrived at the force field, jerked the last arrow out of her quiver, and screamed as she threw it at the wooden target. The arrow went through the force field and stuck in the center of the target. Gregor?s mouth fell open as he heard the computer say over the link, ?What the hell just happened here!?

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