Godhunter by Amy Sumida

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Atlantis fell, and the Gods rose.
Thousands of years ago, the Atlanteans dabbled in magic that they shouldn’t have, and they destroyed their continent. The survivors spread out across the world and used that same disastrous magic to convince humans that they were Gods. The humans believed. They sacrificed to their gods and made them even more powerful. But time passed, and humans forgot the Gods. Sacrifice waned, and the Gods had to find new ways to get the blood they craved. Devious ways. Manipulative ways. Ways that I’m going to put an end to. There’s only one problem; he’s big, blond, and swears he’s on my side. Oh, and he’s also a god.

Praise for The Godhunter Series:
“Smart, sexy, sassy and sweet this story holds adventure and romance, with a well written and witty take on mythology. Read this now!?
“Vervain, her Gods and her men, they breathe in a way that I am unable to describe!”
“They are so good, they should be savored, but instead I binged on them like a kid on Halloween.”

Myth and magic collide in this award-winning, action romance. Grab your copy and start hunting TODAY!

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From the Author:
Godhunter: Winner of the SpaSpa Book Award for Best Paranormal Romance 2014

Get your Godhunter on in order:
1. Godhunter (FREE)
2. Of Gods and Wolves
3. Oathbreaker
4. Marked by Death
6. A Taste for Blood
7. The Tainted Web
8. Harvest of the Gods
9. A Fey Harvest
Books 8 and 9 together:
10. Into the Void
11. Out of the Darkness
Books 10 and 11 together
12. Perchance to Die
13. Tracing Thunder
14. Light as a Feather
15. Rain or Monkeyshine
16. Blood Bound
17. Eye of Re
18. My Soul to Take
19. As the Crow Flies
20. Cry Werewolf
21. Pride Before a Fall
22. Monsoons and Monsters
23. Blessed Death
24. In the Nyx of Time
25. Let Sleeping Demons Lie
26. The Lion, the Witch, and the Werewolf
It continues…

The Bestselling Twilight Court Series
1.Fairy-Struck (Free)
2. Pixie-Led
3. Raven-Mocking
4. Here There Be Dragons
5. Witchbane
6. Elf-Shot
7. Fairy Rings and Dragon Kings
8. Black-Market Magic
9. Etched in Stone
?Completed Series?

The Spellsinger Series
1. The Last Lullaby
2. A Symphony of Sirens
3. A Harmony of Hearts
4. Primeval Prelude
5. Ballad of Blood
6. A Deadly Duet
7. Macabre Melody

The Spectra Series
1. Spectra: A Cynical Superhero
2. A Gray Area
3. A Compression of Colors

An Unseelie Understanding

Happily, Harem After
1. Happily Harem After Vol. 1
Wild Wonderland
Beauty and the Beasts
Pan’s Promise
The Four Clever Brothers
The Little Glass Slipper
2. Happily Harem After Vol. 2
White As Snow
Codename: Goldilocks
Awakened Beauty