Globster by DiVitto Kelly

  • Paperback:?315 pages
  • Publisher:?World Castle Publishing, LLC (November 13, 2019)
  • Language:?English


After a fierce storm, a mysterious creature the size of a rhino has washed up, apparently dead, on the shores of Seal Cove, an isolated coastal town in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The new discovery is later transferred to a large vacant pool located at the nearby defunct college where marine biologist Michael Keating hopes to decipher what it is. Later at night, the creature emerges from its dormant stage, transforming into something monstrous.


Filled with quirky local characters and a lanky, Goth book store owner, formally of New York City, the residents must rely on each other and their limited resources if they are to survive the raw October night and the flesh-eating predator that has made Seal Cove its hunting ground.