From Symptoms to Causes by Thorsteinn Siglaugsson

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“The chief cause of problems is solutions.”- Eric Sevareid

“Every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple.”- Eli Goldratt

In 2018 I attended a training course in Paris that fundamentally changed my perspective. This was H. William (Bill) Dettmer?s six-day course in the Logical Thinking Process, an exceptionally powerful methodology for strategy definition and problem solving, based on the methods of Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal and systems management legend, adapted and refined by Bill Dettmer.
Towards the end of the course I realized how mastering this rigorous methodology changes the way you approach situations of any kind. It helps you deal with difficult situations in a way few if any other methodologies can.

Achieve breakthrough results by deciphering complex causality, unearthing false assumptions and removing the conflicts caused by faulty mental models; this is what the Logical Thinking Process helps us to do, using classical cause-effect logic. In this book, a simple, everyday example is used to demonstrate how to apply the Logical Thinking Process and how it helps us drive success by making sounder, more rational decisions. The book also contains practical organizational examples and a concise overview of the framework.