From Lincoln to Trump by Monette Bebow-Reinhard

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  • Publication Date:?July 22, 2020
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This book seeks to answer a basic question: How did the GOP get from Lincoln to Trump? To follow this transformation we look at the politics of all the Republican presidents, from 1860 to today, using simply what happened when they were president; what they believed, how they were supported, why they won and why they lost.

But no book can do it all. Here you?ll see dedication to certain issues; war, racism, immigration, economics, women?s rights.

By tracing the evolution of these issues, we get a good idea of how US politics evolved and changed. We see why the country feels as divided today as it did in Lincoln?s time. We find out why we haven?t gotten past old racist ideas.

And more. There are comparisons to Democratic presidents. There are closer looks at why some GOP candidates didn?t win, why some presidents were shot, and why some died. You will see particular attention paid to the 1960s, as a turning point in our politics. And we?ll end with how many ways Trump seems wrong for our country, and where he seems right.

Hang on. You?re in for a bumpy ride.

Author?s second book of ?journalistic history.? For a dedicated approach to President Grant, see ?Civil War & Bloody Peace: Following Orders.?