Feminine Masculine Balance by Jacqueline McLeod

  • Paperback:?184 pages
  • Publisher:?Lioncrest Publishing (March 1, 2019)
  • Language:?English


We?re well into the twenty-first century, yet we continue to struggle with the same problemsthat have plagued us for centuries. Violence. Poverty. Inequality. Toxic relationships. Ashopeless as it seems, however, real change is possible. The first step is to understand thedriving force behind all the turmoil in the world.In Feminine Masculine Balance, Jacqueline McLeod explains how masculine and feminineenergies are unbalanced on a global scale. Masculine attributes like competitiveness,rationality, and detachment, while beneficial for all genders, grow dangerous when theydominate our value systems. With compassion and humor, Jacqueline demonstrates howwomen and men alike can become better versions of themselves by valuing and respectingtheir feminine energies to the same level as their masculine energies.It?s past time for humanity to wake up. Jacqueline?s insights into our out-of-whacksociety?and her vision of a world in balance?will open our eyes to a new way of being.