Expect the Extraordinary by Sue Pighini

  • Paperback:?130 pages
  • Publisher:?Livin’ the Dream Media (March 28, 2016)
  • Language:?English


Expect the Extraordinary by Sue Pighini

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Color Edition


?Who answers our call when we are faced with a life-threatening situation?

“Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye” helps us answer this enormously important question. Today, Sue Pighini relishes an ongoing relationship with the angelic realm that she didn’t even know existed when she was 28 years old and was struck by lightning. She connected with this realm when she had a “lightning” near death experience and was saved by the voice of an angel when she was dying. Sue’s story is not the only one highlighted in “Expect the Extraordinary” as the near-death experiences of an Air Force Special Operator and a lay Franciscan monk also bring us the thrill of knowing we are loved and protected by the angelic kingdom.

Sue guides her readers through the uplifting evidence that there is a non-physical world and that world has information for us to live the absolute most fulfilling life possible. She also brings her readers into the domain of “love late in life” and “horses that heal.” Join Sue on this amazing journey in full-color images of what life after death can become if we believe.