Evan's Heart by Keith Thomas Walker

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Evan's Heart by Keith Thomas Walker

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Evan?s heart is a ticking time bomb. His marriage is questionable. His nurse is his salvation. When love blossoms at the hospital, Jada gives him a reason to live. For his love, she sacrifices her career. But her passion may cost Evan his life.


? ? ? ? ? ?

?Have people started asking about us??

She pursed her lips. ?A little.?

?What are they saying??

?Just being nosey. They wanted to know why I visited you on the other floors.?

?What?d you tell them??

?I told them I?ve been your nurse for eight years, and there?s nothing wrong with me wanting to check on you and see how you?re doing.?

?Am I getting you in trouble?? he wondered.

?Evan, don?t worry about the gossips here. No one in this hospital is going to keep me from checking on you. If I have to see you on another floor or come in on my day off? Whatever it takes, I?ll always be here for you.?

Evan?s heart fluttered. Surely she knew her words gave him life. His heart thudded as he considered his next question. He feared the life she had just given him could be taken away just as quickly.

?Jada, is it common for a patient to fall in love with his nurse??

Her throat caught. He watched her eyes dilate. Her eyelids fluttered before she responded.

?Um, no, Evan. It?s not common, but it does happen. When people are scared and vulnerable, they appreciate the people they believe are saving them. Sometimes that appreciation manifests as affection. It?s called the Florence Nightingale effect.?

?Why do they call it that??

Her breaths came in shudders. ?I don?t, I don?t know.?

?Is it common for a nurse to fall in love with a patient?? he asked.

She shook her head. ?No. That?s not common.?

?Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever fallen in love with a patient??

She continued to shake her head as she rose from her seat. Her legs were unsteady. She prayed he wouldn?t notice. ?No, Evan. I haven?t. I ? I?m sorry.?

She left the room without another word.

? ? ? ? ? ?