Einstein's Theory of the Blues by Kathy Egbert

  • Paperback:?273 pages
  • Publisher:?Huge Jam (July 29, 2020)
  • Language:?English


Art student Teresa Chace is curating an Einstein exhibition where she wonders about the fate of Einstein’s ‘missing’ daughter, Lieserl. Not knowing her birth mother, and feeling guilt about her own recent abortion, her concern has a personal urgency . Her own story is interwoven with flashbacks to a traumatic childhood and imagined monologues from her mother. As well as being driven to discover who her mother is, and find some atonement for her own past decisions, Teresa is drawn to two remarkable men: Davy who has been like a brother to her and Ethan, the charismatic and troubled local pastor.?Einstein’s Theory?is a novel about hurt, loneliness, thwarted love and salvation.