Eden's Legions by Peter Andra

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Science fiction adventure.

Humans are not welcome but tolerated as none of the galaxy?s other intelligent species has the strength to stop them. It is their natural talent for war that makes humans so feared. Yet even humans tire of war and so have allowed the galaxy to enjoy a time of peace and their own colonies to grow and prosper. But behind curtains of peace an ambitious human general consolidates her power.

While the general endures peace, politics fail and weaken humanity?s once united cause. Sensing weakness, the general wakes her armies from decades of hypersleep. She will need all her strength and cunning, for the species she hopes to conquer is the most dangerous of them all, her own kind. Her conquest is promised in blood and fire, that is until the small scavenging crew of deserters intrudes on her cruel design. Not on purpose, of course.

Here is the Book’s opening paragraph, if you would like to get a taste of the writing.

You wouldn?t recognize it, and yet, this is home.
From space the small planet appears completely green. No oceans nor watery veins can be seen, and yet, this is a water world. No land, not even mountain peaks, rise above the planet?s single, undivided ocean, which lies trapped beneath a dark green shell.
This shell is the result of massive trees. They dominate the world here and greedily guard the water under a cage of coiling and winding roots. The network of roots intertwine to create an endless landscape. This web of roots makes up the forest floor and beneath it is the sea. No one ever goes into the sea; it is a place for monsters.
The ground too, feels like a place for monsters, and perhaps it is. The immensely tall trees which provide a stable surface, additionally block out almost all sunlight, their winding branches overhead like a woven ceiling. Generations of decay provides a thin layer of soil over the roots where small vegetation scrape out a meek living in constant shade.
It is on this strange planet where the galaxy?s most feared and hated species have carved out a place for themselves.
Like I said, this is home.

This was the only world she had ever known, a world of warmth, a world of darkness, a world constantly shifting beneath her feet. Nothing stayed in place there, things moved around with the trees and with the tides. How she never got lost in the dark forest was a phenomenon even unto herself. She?d heard that on other planets people could use landmarks to find their way from one place to another. She smiled, thinking about how lost those people would find themselves on her planet. They couldn?t use landmarks here, she knew that. Nor could they use the sun; no one could see the sun from the floor. She frowned now, the phenomenon puzzling her again. She wondered about her ancestors from Earth. Did they pass down to her the ability to find her way around on a dark and constantly shifting alien world? It must be her teacher?s rambling that made her wonder about such things.

Eden’s Legions is a Military Science Fiction that explores what would happen if Earth were destroyed and the human race moved to a new galaxy. A galaxy that had habitable planets, but also intelligent sentient species that were not exactly overjoyed at the human incursion. To find what happens next, purchase the book and dive right in.

Military Science Fiction, Space Exploration, Space Colonization, Science Fiction Adventure, Habitable Planets.