Driven by Revenge by Richard Nurse

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It begins on a Saturday night. A night that was supposed to be a special Saturday Night in Smithville, New York, a night of music, dancing, and adult beverages. Instead, it becomes a night of chaos, terror, and heartbreak, as a former army sniper sets upon the scene bent on exacting revenge against Smithville Patrol Sergeant Dave Patterson. His diversionary portion of the plan had gone off without a hitch. The downtown area of Smithville was now filled with every piece of fire apparatus, ambulance, and police officers that were responsible for the safety of the people of Smithville. All done so that he could get a kill shot, one directed solely at his true target for the night.

Get into Pettibone?s head as he takes his shot, not his desired shot, but one that he knows is more often than not equally fatal. And even though help arrives quickly, in the form of Senior Detective Charlotte (Charlie) Nelson, he leaves his lair believing he has completed his mission. He resists the urge to shoot the lady he dubs Florence Nightingale, as he watches the flow of blood from the leg cease. Confident that his target has bled out, and equally confident that the crazy tourniquet she had fashioned could not have stopped the blood flow.

Charlie is determined that she is not going to let the man below her die that night. Though both are longtime members of the force, they have never been close or even shared a drink. Something that might change, if Dave survived the night, for something special passed between the two that night. Something that both Dave, a divorced man with a seventeen-year-old daughter, and Charlie a widower, who had lost both her husband and son to a drunk driver going the wrong way.

The story alternates between the thoughts and actions of Jonathan Pettibone, and his relentless quest to end the life of Dave Patterson, and the actions of Senior Detective Charlie Nelson, along with the rest of the Smithville Police Department as they hunt down the shooter that has killed at least eight that night, including one police officer. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to either Pettibone, which is told in a narrative, or to Charlie, which is presented in the first person.

Dave’s daughter is quick to spot how her father and Charlie both seem to brighten up whenever they are together. Quick, witty, and sure of herself, she is more than happy to have Charlie assigned to protect her until Pettibone is captured. For she has a plan for her father and Charlie, her dad needs a female in his life again, and very much needs a mother to confide in. After spending some time with Charlie, she decides that they all would be perfect together. And her antics designed to make her father and Charlie realize that they are perfect together, lend a bit of humor to lighten the stress during some very tense times.