Driven by Revenge by Richard Nurse & Susan Nurse

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  • Publisher:?NN&B Publishing (September 29, 2018)
  • Publication Date:?September 29, 2018
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Driven by Revenge by Richard Nurse & Susan Nurse

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A few years back, Patrolman Dave Johnson was on his third tour of duty as the Command Master Sergeant and OIC of their reserve MP detachment as a part of the 10th Mountain Division. While in Afghanistan, CMSGT Johnson had finally been able to identify the very top of the supply line of drugs that was making its way not only into their detachment but throughout the units operating in their assigned area in Afghanistan. Dave had talked his Commanding Officer and the Commanding Officer of the Judge Advocate Generals office into letting him make the arrest even though it evolved a Sergeant within his own reserve unit, and very likely his wife as she was at the time having an affair with the Sergeant.
Two Hearts Joined (By the Flames of Revenge) is the story of how two members of the Smithville, NY PD, found their loveless lives suddenly thrust together during the worst crime ever to occur in Smithville. Senior Detective Charlotte (Charlie) Nelson doesn?t hesitate to put herself in the line of fire to assist the mortally wounded Patrolman Dave Johnson, who had taken a three-round burst. Thinking way outside of the box, Charlie is able to stop the bleeding in Dave?s thigh and keep it stopped while they wait for rescue, with an active shooter in the area. She has foiled the plan devised to obtain their revenge by the for Army Sergeant and Dave?s former wife, but their need for revenge is so strong that they will try again, Both for not only Dave but Charlie and Dave?s 17-year-old daughter Julie.