Depressed to Daring by Adonica Marie Shaw

  • Hardcover:?114 pages
  • Publisher:?Adonica Shaw (February 25, 2020)
  • Language:?English


Depressed to Daring?is a personal development book for high impact, influential women who struggle with depression and anxiety in their professional careers.

In this book, personal & business development trainer Adonica Shaw gives you the tools to help you identify and defeat debilitating thought patterns, evade your emotional villains and reclaim your personal power.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your emotional triggers.
  • Develop emotional agility.
  • Create balance in your life through wellness techniques like meditation.
  • Create boundaries between yourself and the habits, emotional patterns, and people who do not serve you.
  • Create a secure emotional support system.
  • Purge your negative thought patterns.
  • Purge your negative emotions.
  • Get back into alignment when you find yourself off of your path.
  • Identify the perfect therapist or counselor.
  • Find your authentic voice.
  • Shatter your own glass ceiling.

Adonica is the girlfriend you wish you had when times get rough, and she doesn’t hold back when it comes to telling you what she had to do to overcome some of the hardest chapters in her life. Through her authenticity, she empowers and edutains (educate + entertain) you while challenging you to be the confident, powerful, emotionally grounded powerhouse you were called to be.