Death Cross by Edward Caputo

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It was the grand finale of the 20th century, and the dawn of a new era, a new technology, a new profession, and… a new motive for murder.

The ?Internet revolution,? like the industrial revolution, and countless other revolutions before them, promised to change planet earth forever? and it did! The demand for Internet technology exploded like wildfire on a global basis.

?Dot-com? emerged as the money buzzword on Wall Street, and Internet stocks commanded huge share price premiums, in a raging bull market that was unstoppable. The hyper-frenzied, excessive speculation produced the ?Dot-com bubble,? and for a while? it all worked great!


Bradley J. Burke was on top of the world. He had conceived, built, and brought public, a highly successful Internet technology company in an era in which the Internet was beginning to permeate every facet of human existence. The Webstar Initial Public Offering had taken full advantage of the Dot-com bubble, and it sparkled brilliantly through Webstar?s sky-high share price multiples.

Unfortunately, Brad had three problems: One, he was having an affair with the love of his life, but she was married to his best customer, mentor, and Chairman of the Board. Two, there was a crazy Day Trader, assassinating CEOs of public Internet companies, if their share price plunged below its long-term moving average and signaled a ?Death Cross? inversion. Three, for no apparent reason, Brad?s Webstar stock suddenly crashed into a Death Cross!

Amid the maelstrom of success, romance, jealousy, and murder, Brad?s life was about to change forever. The question is, was he in the death crosshairs of an assassin, and will he come through it alive?