David Janssen: Our Conversations by Michael Phelps

  • Series:?David Janssen: Our Conversations (Book 2)
  • Paperback:?292 pages
  • Publisher:?Blue Line Publishing House, Incorporated; First edition (October 31, 2014)
  • Language:?English


Despite their on-again, off-again courtship and his desire not to get married, David allowed Dani Greco to take control of his finances. In his professional life, he becomes Harry O – interjecting a lot of his own real-life eccentricities, endearing him to his fans even more. He went on to assume various roles in 12 Made-for-Television films and 6 Feature films between 1974-1979. We are introduced to Carol Connors, a singer and songwriter David met while collaborating on the song, ‘My Sensitive, Passionate Man,’ during a lengthy separation from Dani. He seemed to have found true happiness and had no interest in hiding his relationship with Carol. However, Dani controlled his finances, causing him to feel trapped. Living alone in his Malibu Beach home, David quietly explored the cost of a divorce and learned he would not lose everything. At a time when he likely felt the greatest sense of inner peace, the huge hand of fate brought everything to an end. ?DAVID JANSSEN ~ Our Conversations is a heartfelt tribute to a beloved Star, still adored by millions of fans around the world today.? ~ Norma Budden, author