Dani Silver Thriller Series by Duane Lindsay

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Dani Silver Thriller Series by Duane Lindsay

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Four thrilling Novels! 1,500 pages!

Over 200 5 Star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!


In four novels of increasing danger, Dani?s out to become the greatest living con artist and prove that you can do well AND do good, by cheating people who really?really?deserve it.

These four books feature romance, humor and wildly amazing schemes as Dani and her crew take on some serious bad guys.

Dani?s going to prove that ?Even a bad girl can be good.?

The Grifter?s Daughter (Book 1)

Dani?s first con is turning out to be a disaster. The mark isn?t who he?s supposed to be, the crew is restless and her father is eager to tell her, ?Told you.? Can she salvage victory from certain failure?

The Ghost Coach (Book 2)

Dani?s father is the legendary old crook Leroy Amadeus Logan. A long, long time ago he hid an old car somewhere in New York and spent decades building the rumor of a lost car worth millions. Now it?s up to Dani to find a pair of greedy marks. But there are others interested, and they?re out for blood.

WARNING: This one will leave you stunned.

The Blonde with the Dangerous ?Do (Book 3)

This one?s personal. Dani meets a fellow con artist who turns out to be a killer. When he leaves her to die she vows an extraordinary revenge?make him believe she?s come back from the dead. Is revenge worth the effort? Is there a profit in it? Find out when Dani becomes?the Blonde with the Dangerous ?Do.

Tap Doubt (Bonus – Book 4)

The book that introduced Dani and Leroy to the world. When terrorists take over Nick?s environmental company, he fights to get it back. But the terrorists have plans far bigger than just corporate theft?they intend to bring down America itself, by poisoning the water supply.

Can one man, an armed mercenary and a pair of con artists possibly stop an international conspiracy?

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