Crime Denied: A Buck Taylor Novel by Chuck Morgan

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  • Publication Date:?February 19, 2020
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Alicia Hawkins is back in Aspen.
Alicia Hawkins didn?t become a serial killer in the usual manner. She didn?t tear the wings off butterflies when she was a kid, and she never killed a neighbor?s cat. She even used to volunteer at the Pitkin County animal shelter, and she loved the family dog. For the most part, her childhood was perfectly normal, with no signs of anything strange in her make-up. She was a perfectly normal college student until that summer a year ago when she made the discovery that would change her life.
Now, Alicia is back, and she?s preparing to fulfill a promise she made to her late grandfather. A promise that will embolden her and secure both her and her grandfather?s sick legacies. With time running short and already involved in a major investigation, can Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent Buck Taylor and his team stop her before anyone else has to die, and will one of Buck?s oldest friends pay the ultimate price in Alicia?s quest for fame?