Control your Emotions by Chris Peterson

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  • Do you want to have control over your feelings and use them to your benefit?
  • Would you like to keep calm and efficient under pressure?
  • Maybe your working to build a positive mindset to help you reach your goals?
  • Or you dream about stronger self-esteem and feeling good about yourself?


I can hear you thinking: ” Man so many different questions…”

Well, these are just a few examples of what developing your emotional intelligence can do for you.

You’re not convinced? Let me prove it to you!

I like to say that Emotional Intelligence divides into two big areas: Internal and External.

The Internal is all about building a positive relationship with yourself and developing a positive and strong mindset to conquer any challenge.

On the external side, the focus is on the relationships you establish with others and how you react to the daily events that affect your life.

As you can imagine both sides are intimately related. External events influence your personality and generate emotions and your emotional state and beliefs clearly influence how you react to the external events…

Working on Emotional Intelligence will help you develop both these areas, helping you give valuable steps towards a better life:

If you love yourself, you have a great relationship with your family and you have amazing friends, what do you need more to be happy?

For many, that would be enough but maybe you feel that it isn’t, and rightfully so. To feel completely happy you also need to be healthy and successful… The novelty is that in addition to all of this you also need a secret ingredient that I will share with you further down this text…

In terms of health, stress is one of the major causes of diseases…  High EI translates into being able to better manage your emotions and handle though events. This ability will reduce stress drastically and contribute towards a healthier life. In Adittion, the positive mindset you built will help you face any challenges you might have in this department…

Focusing on Success, there are two major components we need to consider: Professional and Human.

On the professional side, a positive mindset, knowing your qualities, and striving for improvement are some of the emotional intelligent beliefs that will help you improve your performance.

On the Human, side, being able to establish better relationships, understand and communicate efficiently, and developing leadership will help you climb the cooperative ladder or become a better business owner. Whether we like it or not the human side is very important in almost all professional activities.

And here is the secret ingredient that you shouldn’t forget: Acknowledgment…

You need to acknowledge all your qualities and successes in the different areas of your life. It might seem like a small detail, but it is a crucial one because only when there is acknowledgment will you feel happy and realized.

These are some the contents we approach on this very practical book, backed up by scientifically proven theories.

I want you to have this power, and use emotional intelligence to improve your life in the areas that are most important to you…

But in the end, it all comes up to the following questions:  How bad do you want it? Are you willing to do the work?

If you are willing, this is the right book for you. Read it carefully, take the Emotional Intelligence Quiz, follow our tips and guidelines to create your own emotional intelligence development plan, and most important: put your plan into practice…

Welcome to this life-changing journey!