Chimera Revolution: The Nue-Gaea Chronicles by Marcus E.T.

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Chimera Revolution: The Nue-Gaea Chronicles by Marcus E.T.

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Cyborg vampires. Telepathic tentacled krakens. Lycans that generate lightning. Shape-shifting harpies. Sword-wielding phoenixes. Water-walking merpeople. Humans who can control the forces of nature. And more.

Nue-Gaea is a world where humans and therians, anthropomorphic beasts and shape-shifters, coexist and the laws are enforced by peacekeepers known as Chimeras. The Chimeras are comprised of units made of therians and humans, using the strengths of every creature to protect all life when possible, but Chimeras face challenges from all sides and in all places…

This sci-fi/fantasy anthology shares 21 stories from the world of Nue-Gaea and features art created by various artists from around the world, with profiles on the many therian races you’ll encounter and descriptions of their abilities, myths, and some history from the this fantastical place.

Every short story examines man?s place in nature, the meaning of justice, peace, unity, acceptance, purpose, change and family.