Children of Dieppe by Joanne Madden

Title:Children of Dieppe
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 4, 2021
Publisher:Joanne Madden
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN – 13:9781777413514

Children of Dieppe by Joanne Madden

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Seamless, compelling, and memorable…

The brilliant combination of history and individual struggles elevates Madden’s engrossing debut, a sweeping tale that spans a time period from World War II until the 21st century. When Jim Nair lost his life during the Allied amphibious attack on the French port of Dieppe, his family had no idea their lives were going to change forever. Trying to deal with his death, the family gets another shock after Jim’s professional secrets come to surface, leaving Denise Nair, Jim’s daughter, struggling to get to the truth of the matter. With her best friend’s strange infatuation with the man Denise loves and the entry of her father’s enigmatic childhood friend in her life, Denise must tread things carefully. The story moves with confidence, and Madden is effortless when it comes to capturing both the political intricacies of the time and her characters’ emotional struggles. Her thorough familiarity with the World War II era, the fully realized characters, and brisk pacing keep the pages turning. Readers will eagerly await Madden’s next.