Cataclysm: An Age of legend by Joseph Hansen

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An Age of Legend
The cataclysm broke the world, tectonic plates shifting for several millennia?s before forming the new continents. Humanity and all life reduced to the barest minimum, dying the slow agonizing deaths of starvation or exposure in this barren yet violent world. They took refuge in cave or crevasse with the hope that another day may yet be seen. The age of sentience faced annihilation and barely survived to wait once again evolutions process. Not as it had once been, for everything and everyone had split many times since the world was whole.
Mattic Rowe was an educated man for one so young. His life and future already mapped out through his education and family business that had occupied most of his childhood. Surprisingly he was comfortable with this and looked forwards to a life of wealth and hard work, never having to play his own hand or make nontraditional decisions. It was a life made perfect for the man people knew as Tic and he looked forwards to it, however those who knew him better than he knew himself had other ideas.
His sister Tia was of a different mind, she would never be satisfied with the status quo and longed for life of adventure, a life where she could rule her world and not be forced under the thumb of a so called husband. She was determined to create her own destiny and she was going to do it on the opposite side of the swirling sea in a stolen ship. Unfortunately she was Tic?s only true friend. The idea of her alone in a strange land fending for herself might be just enough tear him away from his idealistic dreams and throw him into the melee of the unknown world.