Callahan's Gold by Mary Tate Engels

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Tory Talbot took a step back in time to dusty old Tombstone to claim her rightful inheritance. She was her own L.A. woman, not ‘Sharkey’s Little Girl,’ who he left behind. Trekking in the rugged Dragoon Mountains looking for gold wasn’t her idea of a trip of a lifetime. But it turned out that way. Did the yellowed treasure map lead to fool’s gold? Or the motherlode?
Along the way, she fell in love with Dodge Callahan, a man too much like the father she hated. He was after gold, like the rest of them. But who was after them? Was their heated liaison as rocky as the mountain terrain and doomed to tumble with the first rain? Most importantly, did Sharkey die naturally ? or was he murdered?
In the course of the search, lives changed or were lost for a few gold nuggets. Tory doubted everyone and everything, even love until she realized happiness was about making the right choices, not getting what you deserve.