Bougainvillea Blues by Dublin Galyean

  • Paperback:?466 pages
  • Publisher:?CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 24, 2014)
  • Language:?English


Bougainvillea Blues by Dublin Galyean

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When Joey’s world collides with the gorgeous Gloria, the boy who likes to stand at a distance and watch is forced to participate in his own life for the first time. While Joey tries to negotiate the intricacies of first love, he’s surrounded by a smothering mother, neighborhood boys with their own code of sexuality, and a father with a secret that will stun the family and force Joey to make the first grown-up decision of his life. This is a heartfelt coming of age story, a tale of love and loss set in the breezy, warm air of 1960’s San Diego. It takes you back to a simpler era, and pulls on your heartstrings as you journey with a young man who’s adrift in an unfamiliar sea of emotions and desperately looking for land.