Borderlifer by Sara Elizabeth

  • Paperback:?304 pages
  • Publisher:?CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; first edition (August 31, 2018)
  • Language:?English


Borderlifer is a collection of poetry, unfiltered, raw and straight from my soul. It was never supposed to be anything other than a coping mechanism, a healthy one, which I had been searching for but time passed and I amassed over a hundred poems. I have always wanted to be apart of the conversation on mental health and illness. What better way than to show readers what it is like inside the mind of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. How they think, What they go through, with such immense emotions, how they view the world around them. To help fight the biggest stigma on one of the most misunderstood disorders out there. I have used me the name that my birth mother gave me, as my pen name, before she gave me up. That’s how bad the stigma is but I didn’t want to hide too much, which is why I published this for the world to see and read. Try to understand we are not what society labels us, we are human.