Blood and Bone by Michelle Miles

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Can Anna save Kincade before he loses his soul forever?

Dream walker and relic hunter, Anna Walker, is on the most important quest of her life?find the Holy Relics before Lucifer and his forces of evil destroy mankind. She’s now after the legendary Spear of Destiny with the power to alter the future of the world. But when her archenemy, Azriel, captures her friend and ally, Kincade, the world’s destiny must take second place to getting him back. Unfortunately, the price for his soul is the spear.

As her search heats up, she stumbles upon a sinister plot by a group known as the Knights of the Holy Lance. Their leader has genetically engineered a race of dream walkers with the intent to gain the relic for his own demented means. When he discovers Anna is after the spear, he sends an elite genetically-altered dream walker to take her out.

With the destiny of the world riding on her shoulders, and a terrifying enemy determined to destroy her, Anna must track down the powerful relic before Kincade’s soul is lost forever.