Big Bad Barry by Dr. Dolores Burton

  • Paperback:?32 pages
  • Publisher:?Breaklight Publications, Inc. (October 4, 2018)
  • Language:?English


Does He Really Want to Be a Bully? Big Bad Barry likes to bully smaller owls. Maggie, a small Burrowing Owl, is bullied until she uses some anti-bullying strategies. When she sees Barry bullying another small Burrowing Owl, she wisely tells him, ?You don?t really want to be a bully, Barry.? In the end, Big Bad Barry realizes it is better to be a friend than a bully. Children three to eight years old can emulate the strategies used by the owls when confronted by a bully. Additional anti-bullying print and online resources are provided to assist parents and teachers to continue the conversation about bullying.